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Vondom is an innovational design company that produces furniture from a place of passion with the intent of expression. The brand describes itself as none other than its own lifestyle, and incomparable vessel of being that is not only created, molded, and expressed, but also produces, gifts, and shares all on its own. The unique company makes eclectic and often futuristic furniture for the consumer who appreciates curiosity, risk taking, and energy. The culture of design is what continues to inspire Vondom, creating a space where new collections can be pushed to the limits of design, all with a spark of fire and glamour. The brand prides itself on its ability to create pieces that shift the entire ambiance of a room, even if it is only with the addition of a unique coffee table. Vondom draws much of its inspiration from global travels and revolutionary design ambassadors like Fabio Novembre, Stefano Giovannoni, and Ora Ïto. This has worked both ways, giving Vondom serious recognition globally, allowing the company to maintain an evolving customer base, and providing them with an incomparable opportunity for growth in aspects of their design, style, and influence. The company is also dedicated to researching new and innovative materials to create the futuristic design they crave, while also ensuring a promise of durability and longevity.